Are you wondering which photos would work best in your custom ending photograph of The Shining? Selecting the right photos for your end of the film photograph is important to the overall feel. The images you choose can impact the overall aesthetic and effectiveness of the ballroom photograph. When searching through all of your photos, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pictures that you think could work for this unique gift. Not to worry! This guide will provide you with the proper information, tips, and options for finding and selecting the best photos.

Why Selecting The Best Images Matter in Your Final Scene Photo

The photos of people you choose can create a strong first impression and quickly communicate the type of relationship you have with the person (for couples). Whether it be timeless, fun, romantic, funny, or other dynamics. Therefore, it is essential to invest a little time and some effort into choosing the right images that align with the July 4th Ball original photo. Often times including more images will help us work with the subject when blending into the photo.

Selecting Images That Shine

It is important to understand the five critical elements that make a photo suitable for your photograph. These elements include quality, size or resolution, composition, light, and movement. By reviewing these aspects, you can ensure that the images you choose will be captivating and well-suited to the design.


The quality of an image refers to its resolution and overall clarity. High-resolution images are essential for maintaining sharpness and preventing pixelation when scaled or printed. Always choose images with sufficient resolution to ensure optimal visual impact.


The size of an image is another important factor to consider. It is generally considered a better practice to send images unedited in their original form. This allows us to work with all aspects of the photo to better work and blend into your photograph. The default uncropped image size taken by cell phones is perfectly acceptable.


Composition refers to the arrangement and positioning of people in an image. Please make sure that the persons face and hair is completely shown in the image. This allows us to work with the person much more naturally. In rare cases, we can add in hair to the person if the photo is missing the entire head.


Lighting plays an important role in photography, as it sets the mood and highlights important elements. Photos of people with bright light directly under them will produce poor results. Do not choose photos where half of their face is shadowed. Instead, a more balanced or natural lighting will ensure the best results.


Making sure to take still photos will help ensure that the final photograph will remain sharp and clear. We can sharpen and clear up some motion blur at times. However, avoiding images that contain motion blur of the person is a better practice.

Color Or Lack Thereof

We prefer working with unedited and original photographs in color or grayscale (black and white).  If your original photograph is in color, please send it that way. Images with filters applied may produce uneven results during blending. We will do our best to correct it. Regardless, all colors get stripped from every photo that is sent.

Examples Of Good And Bad Photo Submissions

Here are some examples of photos that work best:

Choosing clear images with good lighting and showing their entire head and hair will achieve the best results.

Here are some common examples of photos that do not work

In each picture there is something wrong that we typically cannot use. The first picture has her head cropped from the top. The second and third have major shading on one side of the face. While the third is also wearing sunglasses. The fourth image is optional to use if you are ok with the person wearing a hat in the photograph. Please note that people wearing hats in the photograph will stand out more as no one in the original photograph wore one.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right photos for your custom horror film photograph can be fun and exciting. By taking a moment to learn what photos of people work the best, you’ll be confident that you’re receiving the best results possible. Remember, image selection is an ongoing process that requires experimentation, feedback, and continuous refinement. Which is why we always send proofs for your review and approval before turning your digital image into a physical photograph.

Too Long, Didn't Read

Tips Checklist:

  • Choosing Clear, Well-lit Photos
  • Matching The Angle Of The Original Person
  • Photos Without Emojis Or Filters
  • Adding A Selfie Helps A Lot
  • Bald, White, And Light Hair Will Show More
  • Photos Wearing Hats Are Ok If You Want The Hat In The Photograph
  • Make Sure The Face Is Not Heavily Shaded
  • Larger Resolution Photos Are Preferred
  • Sending At Least 2 Images Is Highly Recommended
  • Sending Different Angles As Well As Looking Into Camera
  • Sunglasses Do Not Blend In
  • Do Not Edit Photo Yourself. Let Us Handle Everything!